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Where Can I Buy Hemp Flower in Lake Hill Village, Frisco Texas

Click Here to view Hemp Flower available in Lake Hill Village, Frisco, TX

Hemp flower or CBD Flower is often confused with marijuana (THC flower/buds), but it is not the same, and does not produce the same end product.  Although Hemp Flower may look and smell similar to regular THC-cannabis flowers, their chemical structure, cannabinoid content, and terpene profiles are quite different.

An important difference between the two is that Industrial Hemp flower contains 0.3% Delta 9 THC (the active, psychoactive form of THC) or less, and is non-psychoactive due to these extremely low levels.  This means that when consumed, Hemp flower WILL NOT get you high (The classic effect associated with those who use THC-cannabis products)  Although it wont get you high, Hemp flower seems to induce relaxation and other mild effects in users due to it containing CBD and other cannabinoids/compounds, contributing to what is known as “the entourage effect”. 

The entourage effect states that when the various components of the hemp plant are consumed together and synergistically, rather then isolated and used alone, its effects are greatly magnified and noticeably increased.  This in turn increases the impact of the whole plant, allowing it to be stronger than the sum of its parts.  CBD American Shaman of Frisco offers CBD HEMP flowers & extracts that are truly whole plant, containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds.  Our products are 50 state legal, and can be shipped virtually anywhere, including other countries that have legalized CBD and Hemp based products.

Our CBD Hemp Flowers are grown organically in environmentally controlled indoor environments. This allows us to create the perfect environment for the plants to thrive and reach their highest potential, while also allowing us to produce harvests all year round, as opposed to once a year like other large outdoor cultivators. These methods result in a superior, fresher, more potent, and unrivaled end product, the highest quality CBD Hemp flower available today.

All of our flowers are harvested and trimmed by hand, after which they go through an extensive testing and cure processes to ensure safety, legal compliance, and to confirm the quality is up to our high standards.

CBD Hemp Flower

What Is CBD Hemp Flower

Hemp and marijuana are from the same plant—Cannabis Sativa. The only difference between these substances is the dominant cannabinoid. If the dominant cannabinoid is THC, it is marijuana, but if it’s one of the non-intoxicating cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, or CBN, then it’s hemp.

Just like all other forms of cannabis, hemp also produces large flowers called colas at the end of its life cycle. These colas smell and look just like the buds that grow on marijuana plants. Even though the THC levels in hemp colas are less than 0.3%, some hemp strains now bear more than 25% CBD. We’ve truly reached the era of high-grade American hemp, which is much better quality then the Chinese and European cannabis.

Just because hemp flower is grown in the States now doesn’t mean it’s all high-grade, though. It takes time, effort, and dedication to produce the type of premium flower that we offer at CBD American Shaman of West Frisco. Cannabis is a fickle species regardless, and only with the right balance of wisdom and love can you bring the hemp plant to its true, crystallized potential.

How Is Hemp Flower Used?

CBD hemp flower effects vary from person to person. However, people tend to use non-intoxicating cannabis for the same reasons. In recent years, CBD has gotten a reputation of a miracle cure, and we certainly don’t want to diminish the power of this incredible, natural substance. Understanding why people use CBD flower beyond the mere hype will help you during your own journey with non-intoxicating cannabis.

Some people use -CBD American Shaman of Frisco hemp flower just to relax and unwind in the same way that they use intoxicating forms of cannabis. Others choose hemp flower as a solution to serious conditions after taking a look at the Research Surrounding CBD and the other non-intoxicating cannabinoids.

More than anything, however, our customers are drawn together by a deep-set love for Cannabis sativa and everything that it has to offer. In this day and age, there’s no reason our cannabis shouldn’t be as personalized as our cars and smartphones—premium CBD Hemp Flower retailers like CBD American Shaman of West Frisco are making the high optional while they elevate premium cannabis to an even better standard.

Premium Hemp Flower Is Better!

If you went to high school between from the 60’s to 2010, you probably have memories of hastily hidden bags of… well, it looked a lot like oregano. The weed your brother smoked in his room with a towel at the door doesn’t hold a candle to the kind of premium cannabis flower that started becoming widely available when the first states legalized marijuana circa 2012. Critics of the cannabis industry are concerned at just how premium cannabis has become—today’s marijuana has many times the amount of THC compared to cannabis produced 50 years ago.

While greater concentrations of an already intoxicating substance should always be treated cautiously, many commentators have missed the impact that high-grade recreational and medical marijuana have had on the emerging non-hemp cannabinoid field. At the same time that it became possible to breed marijuana with higher and higher concentrations of THC, it also became possible to grow hemp with increasingly greater amounts of CBD.

Premium hemp flower is denser, it has more crystals, it has more hairs, it smells better, and it tastes better. Everything about high-grade hemp flower is improved compared to the type of material producers were forced to work with even five years ago, and in some cases, non-intoxicating CBD flower is grown better than the THC equivalent.

While even the biggest recreational marijuana companies only have access to the consumers in one state, online companies like CBD American Shaman of West Frisco can reach all 50 states simultaneously. More business means more investment, and more investment means better products. CBD American Shaman of West Frisco offers better hemp flower because we’ve listened to our customers requests.

CBD Hemp Flower

How Does A Customer Choose The Best CBD Flower

Just like there are lots of different recreational cannabis growers, there are also a handful of different CBD flower companies. As anyone who has shopped the recreational or medical marijuana markets knows, however, there’s a huge disparity in quality between top-shelf companies and producers at the bottom of the spectrum. You already know that CBD American Shaman of West Frisco is the #1 Hemp Flower retailer, but here’s some more evidence for you to consider:

Lab Tests

Good hemp flower companies care about transparency because they know that honesty is the best business policy. Keep an eye out for CBD flower producers who are clearly only in it for short-term benefits, and separate the premium hemp flower from the trash by learning how to read CBD lab tests.

Useful hemp lab reports contain information on the concentration of each major cannabinoid, and they also list out the terpenes and other cannabis oils that are present. Most importantly, thorough, independent lab tests also detect common toxins, so testing is necessary to make sure you’re getting safe high-quality hemp.

Customer Reviews

Whether it’s on our Website or Google Maps, you trust customer reviews almost more than you trust your own nose. When hundreds of customers reach a similar consensus on a product line, that’s a better endorsement than thousands of lines of marketing copy could achieve.

Customers across the country are incredibly impressed with CBD American Shaman of West Frisco’s premium flower, and there’s only so much you can spin customer feedback to your advantage. We’re the real deal, and our customers know it.

Product Quality

Have you ever seen a bad sample of our hemp flower? Even our customer-upload pictures in our review sections look just like the nug shots we posted, which proves that what we advertise and what we offer are the same thing.

Sink into the product information we offer on every page. Where else can you find 100%-organic, full-spectrum hemp flower with strains pushing 25% CBD? We strive to inform more and more people to the effects available from this non-intoxicating power house all-natural plant.